CCI MembersPlan

Arranged by A T Bell Insurance Brokers Ltd

This insurance arrangement is specifically tailored to meet the needs of CCI members in all their categories, activity centres, residential centres, organisations and short period camps and house party organisers.

The plan draws on the policies of the Ansvar Insurance Company under the Charity Connect, Residential Combined and Special Events products. In addition, if there are high risk liability aspects to be covered then specialist Lloyd’s underwriters will be used. Both of these underwriters have expertise in providing cover for the charity sector and can therefore deal with all the intricacies of CCI members’ insurance needs.

Plan includes a full range of insured perils: fire, lightning, explosion, riot, storm, malicious damage, flood, escape of water, impact, falling trees, escape of oil, glass and theft.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to obtain a quote to compare with your existing insurance arrangements.

Special Features of the MembersPlan

  • Long term undertaking available for three years, giving a discount on the premium
  • Premium payment facility by instalment at 0%, if a long term undertaking is entered into
  • Free risk management advice
  • Free security and fire protection advice
  • Free 24 hour helplines

How to proceed to obtain a quote

  1. Complete the online quote form
  2. Email the form to us
  3. There is no need to wait until your renewal date as we can obtain an indication of premium now and then fine tune this nearer to your renewal

NB If you are currently in a long term undertaking then you will need to wait until its expiry before we can obtain a quote for you.

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