Your event need not be a liability!

Liability insurance can either be public liability, property owners liability, products liability or employers liability.

We can provide cover on an annual basis or for short periods to cover a special event.The policies which we offer are mainly restricted to cover in the UK only. Some standard policies will provide a short period extension under employers liability for work overseas.

Although church insurance policies provide cover for that church’s activities there may be a time when two or three churches are grouped together to put on a special event, such as a musical or drama evening, then an additional special events liability cover would be required.

If there is a major event which involves hiring of a large venue such as a concert hall or arena, then a short period liability insurance can be arranged. We have expertise in this field and deal with specialist underwriters who we liaise with to obtain the best cover for the most economic premium.

If you are a trustee, have you considered trustee liability cover for the charity that you are involved with? This covers the financial loss to the charity arising out of the negligence of a trustee. A policy can only be effected if the charity deed or constitution allows. Details can be sent to you.

Employers’ liability is a legal requirement, check whether you have adequate cover.

Public liability should not be ignored as the cover will protect you and your organisation for any possible claim against you for damage caused to persons or property arising from your negligence.

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